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The secret to becoming ultra-productive is to have a daily designed plan, and Life on a 3 X 5 is the framework. The first and most important pillar to create your plan is knowing your purpose in life. Without purpose, you won’t know where to aim. 


This story about Matt Emmons, an American Air-Rifle Shooter, is all about missing the mark. At the 2004 Olympic Games, Emmons competed in the three-position event, where participants shoot from their stomachs, knees, and feet at a target fifty meters away. Going into his final shot, Emmons was in first place and needed only a mediocre score for the gold. Instead, he shot at the wrong target, one lane over, and got no score at all. He finished eighth.  Make sure you are aiming at the right target! I run into people daily who are crazy busy but have no clear direction or aim for their life. 


This resource will help you discover your purpose, mitigating busyness and giving you more fulfillment and confidence.  To help you think and reflect on your life, I created the Purpose Accelerator.


Hello! I'm Scotty Sanders. 

I have led successful organizations for thirty years.

My first opportunity was as CEO for a multi-million dollar startup, and later for a non-profit organization with over 150 employees and 7,000 members.

I have been recognized as Louisiana Entrepreneur of the year, Chamber of Commerce Business Person of the Year, and noted in trade magazines for my success in the business world. I am also certified by Ritz Carlton on excellence in customer service.

I have led individuals in my productivity framework ranging from Fortune 500 companies, large non-profits, and statewide organizations, to school systems, hospitals, and churches. At every level, my passion is seeing people become super-productive without becoming crazy busy.

Let Us Help You Write Your Purpose Statement


Researchers surveyed nearly 7,000 older adults on the relationship between mortality and finding your purpose. Participants who did not have a strong sense of meaning in their lives were more than twice as likely to die prematurely as those who had figured out their purpose in life.



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