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In this masterclass, you'll learn: 


The Most Important Skill

you must acquire before becoming a focused, high-performing leader.


The Power of Small Things

and the simple fix to becoming super productive without being crazy busy.


How to Actually Find an Extra Hour

in your day, even if you feel frazzled, overwhelmed, and have tried other systems before.


The Quickest, Most Effective Way to Lead Yourself Well

and why you need to understand this system before trying to design a life that leads to success.

Finding the 25th hour in your day is easier than it sounds

And no, a cosmic shift in the earth's rotation isn't what we're talking about here. 

Whether you live day-to-day in a state of cloudiness, constantly led by the urgent, or even if you are working to create disciplines in your life but still aren’t seeing the success the gurus promised… this can be the moment you’ve been waiting for. 

There’s too much noise and misinformation around leading yourself well and living life by design. You’ve likely even implemented or tried a few systems before.

Join me to finally simplify and discover the clear system for leading yourself well. 

This masterclass is a
must attend if you:

✔️ You struggle to stay focused on the task at hand.

✔️ You end the day frustrated and anxious knowing you haven’t completed the most important items on your to-do list.

✔️ You have goals you want to achieve, but you’re often overwhelmed and never feel like you have enough time.

✔️ You’re ready to take back your life while learning to lead yourself well.

I personally cannot wait to see you inside the Masterclass, Finding the 25th Hour.

I've lead successful organizations for 30 years.

First as CEO for a multi-million dollar startup, and later for a non-profit organization with over 150 employees and 7,000 members.

I have been recognized as Louisiana Entrepreneur of the year, Chamber of Commerce Business Person of the Year, and noted in trade magazines for my success in the business world. He is also certified by Ritz Carlton on excellence in customer service.

Regardless of where I have taught in the world, leaders from all walks of life desperately want to know how to become wildly productive and achieve success.

Finding the 25th hour in your day is not a mystery, but it does require guidance. I am so excited to see this training transform your life.

Reserve your seat and I'll see you inside, 

Scotty Sanders