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Hi, I'm Scotty Sanders

Creator of
Life on a 3x5, A Framework for Daily Success

Scotty Sanders has led successful organizations and trained successful leaders for 40 years

Scotty Sanders is a leadership expert, international speaker, author, and creator of the Success Framework, “Life on a 3×5,” which increases productivity so you can accomplish more with a level of freedom you didn’t think possible. He has been leading successful organizations for over four decades by founding a company at age 17, which grew to almost $5 million in sales by age 25, and then was named Louisiana Entrepreneur of the Year at age 26. His action-driven message has impacted over half a million people in 8 countries. Scotty has also founded two non-profit organizations and is certified by Ritz Carlton for exceptional customer service. As the author of 4 books, Scotty is passionate about helping you learn to live and lead well, empowering you to make a greater impact on the world. He and his wife Cindy, his middle school sweetheart, live in the Dallas area and have been married for over 40 years. They have two children and four beautiful granddaughters.

Why Life on a 3x5?

Many people ask me, "Who needs a framework for success?" The answer to that question is the reason I continue teaching the Life on a 3x5 framework. I believe every person deserves an opportunity to learn a system for success. 

I continue teaching Life on a 3x5 because I love seeing leaders lead well and it excites me every time another person becomes super productive without becoming crazy busy.

Your work and responsibilities are a necessary part of life, and they aren't going away. Why not take advantage of the time you've been given and use 1% of your day to take charge of the other 99%.

If you are interested in learning the Life on a 3x5 framework and using it for years to come, I will show you how!



Life on a 3x5 is not only a video course, but also a book, keynote, workshop, virtual experience, and coaching.

Visit my site to find out more ways I can serve you and your team.