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Hi, I'm Scotty Sanders

Creator of
Life on a 3x5, A Framework for Daily Success

I have led successful organizations for thirty years.

My first opportunity was as CEO for a multi-million dollar startup, and later for a non-profit organization with over 150 employees and 7,000 members.

I have been recognized as Louisiana Entrepreneur of the year, Chamber of Commerce Business Person of the Year, and noted in trade magazines for my success in the business world. I am also certified by Ritz Carlton on excellence in customer service.

I have led individuals in the Life on a 3x5 framework ranging from Fortune 500 companies, large non-profits, and statewide organizations, to school systems, hospitals, and churches. At every level, my passion is seeing people become super productive without becoming crazy busy.

My wife, Cindy, and I live near Dallas, Texas.

Why Life on a 3x5?

Many people ask me, "Who needs a framework for success?" The answer to that question is the reason I continue teaching the Life on a 3x5 framework. I believe every person deserves an opportunity to learn a system for success. 

I continue teaching Life on a 3x5 because I love seeing leaders lead well and it excites me every time another person becomes super productive without becoming crazy busy.

Your work and responsibilities are a necessary part of life, and they aren't going away. Why not take advantage of the time you've been given and use 1% of your day to take charge of the other 99%.

If you are interested in learning the Life on a 3x5 framework and using it for years to come, I will show you how!



Life on a 3x5 is not only a video course, but also a book, keynote, workshop, virtual experience, and coaching.

Visit my site to find out more ways I can serve you and your team.